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Board Meeting Information


The South Fork School District Board of Education meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the South Fork Junior High School library located at 612 Dial Street, Kincaid, IL. Community members are welcome to attend the general session. For more information, please contact the district administration at (217) 237-4331.


                Meeting Dates    

2018 2019
July 18, 2018 January 16, 2019
August 15, 2018 February 20, 2019
September 19, 2018 March 20, 2019
October 17, 2018 April 17, 2019
November 28, 2018 May 15, 2019
December 19, 2018 June 26, 2019


The files below are presented in PDF format

2018 - 2019 Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
2018-JUL-2 Special Board Meeting  
2018-JUL-18 School Board Meeting 2018-JUL-18 Meeting Minutes
2018-AUG-15 Budget Hearing 2018-AUG-15 Budget Hearing Minutes
2018-AUG-15 School Board Meeting 2018-AUG-15 Board Meeting Minutes
2018-SEP-19 School Board Meeting 2018-SEP-19 Meeting Minutes
2018-OCT-17 School Board Meeting 2018-OCT-17 Meeting Minutes
2018-OCT-23 Building Committee Meeting  
2018-OCT-29 Class Size Committee Meeting  
2018-NOV-14 Special Board Meeting 2018-NOV-14 Meeting Minutes
2018-NOV-28 School Board Meeting 2018-NOV-28 Meeting Minutes
2018-DEC-19 Committee of the Whole  
2018-DEC-19 School Board Meeting 2018-DEC-19 Meeting Minutes
2019-JAN-16 School Board Meeting 2019-JAN-16 Meeting Minutes
2019-JAN-30 Transportation Committee  
2019-FEB-13 Building Committee Meeting  
2019-FEB-20 School Board Meeting  
2019-MAR-11 Special Board Meeting 2019-MAR-11 Meeting Minutes
2019-MAR-20 School Board Meeting 2019-MAR-20 Meeting Minutes
2019-MAR-27 Special Board Meeting  
2019-APR-17 School Board Meeting 2019-APR-17 Meeting Minutes
2019-MAY-15 Board Reorganization Meeting  
2019-MAY-15 School Board Meeting  
2019-MAY-20 Safety Committee Meeting  
2019-MAY-20 Building Committee Meeting  
2019-JUN-26 Budget Hearing  
2019-JUN-26 School Board Meeting  

School Year 2017-2018

Agendas Minutes
JUL-19-2017 School Board Meeting JUL-19-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
AUG-16-2017 School Board Meeting AUG-16-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
SEP-20-2017 School Board Meeting SEP-20-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
OCT-18-2017 School Board Meeting OCT-18-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
NOV-15-2017 School Board Meeting NOV-15-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
DEC-12-2017 Transportation Committee  
DEC-20-2017 School Board Meeting DEC-20-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
JAN-16-2018 Special Board Meeting  
JAN-17-2018 School Board Meeting JAN-17-2018 Board Meeting Minutes
FEB-21-2018 School Board Meeting FEB-21-2018 Board Meeting Minutes
FEB-21-2018 Building Committee Meeting  
FEB-28-2018 Safety Committee Meeting  
MAR-13-2018 Disciplinary Hearing  
MAR-13-2018 Curriculum Committee Meeting  
MAR-21-2018 School Board Meeting MAR-21-2018 Board Meeting Minutes
MAR-21-2018 Discipline Committee Meeting  
APR-18-2018 School Board Meeting APR-18-2018 Board Meeting Minutes
MAY-16-2018 School Board Meeting MAY-16-2018 Board Meeting Minutes
JUN-27-2018 School Board Meeting JUN-27-2018 Board Meeting Minutes

School Year 2016-2017

Agendas Minutes
JUL-20-2016 School Board Meeting JUL-20-2016 Meeting Minutes
AUG-17-2016 School Board Meeting AUG-17-2016 Meeting Minutes
AUG-23-2016 Negotiations Meeting  
SEP-8-2016 Negotiations Meeting  
SEP-21-2016 Budget Hearing SEP-21-2016 Budget Meeting Minutes
SEP-21-2016 School Board Meeting SEP-21-2016 Board Meeting Minutes
OCT-19-2016 School Board Meeting OCT-19-2016 Board Meeting Minutes
NOV-16-2016 School Board Meeting NOV-16-2016 Board Meeting Minutes
DEC-14-2016 School Board Meeting DEC-14-2016 Board Meeting Minutes
JAN-18-2017 School Board Meeting JAN-18-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
FEB-15-2017 School Board Meeting FEB-15-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
MAR-15-2017 School Board Meeting MAR-15-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
APR-19-2017 School Board Meeting APR-19-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
APR-28-2017 Special Board Meeting  
May-17-2017 School Board Meeting MAY-17-2017 Board Meeting Minutes
JUN-28-2017 School Board Meeting JUN-28-2017 Board Meeting Minutes


School Year 2015-2016 

Agendas Minutes
JUL-15-2015 Regular Board Meeting JUL-15-2015 Meeting Minutes
JUL-30-2015 Special Board Meeting JUL-30-2015 Meeting Minutes
AUG-11-2015 Special Board Meeting AUG-11-2015 Meeting Minutes
AUG-19-2015 Regular Board Meeting AUG-19-2015 Meeting Minutes
SEP-16-2015 Budget Hearing SEP-16-2015 Budget Hearing Minutes
SEP-16-2015 Regular Board Meeting SEP-16-2015 Meeting Minutes
OCT-21-2015 Regular Board Meeting OCT-21-2015 Meeting Minutes
NOV-18-2015 Regular Board Meeting NOV-18-2015 Meeting Minutes
DEC-16-2015 Regular Board Meeting DEC-16-2015 Meeting Minutes
JAN-20-2016 Regular Board Meeting JAN-20-2016 Meeting Minutes
FEB-17-2016 Regular Board Meeting FEB-17-2016 Meeting Minutes
MAR-3-2016 Building Committee Meeting  
MAR-16-2016 Regular Board Meeting MAR-16-2016 Meeting Minutes
APR-20-2016 Regular Board Meeting APR-20-2016 Meeting Minutes
APR-21-2016 Negotiations Meeting  
MAY-18-2016 Regular Board Meeting MAY-18-2016 Meeting Minutes
JUN-9-2016 Negotiations Meeting  
JUN-29-2016 Regular Board Meeting JUN-29-2016 Meeting Minutes


School Year 2014-2015

Agendas Minutes
JUL-16-2014 Regular Board Meeting JUL-16-2014 Meeting Minutes
AUG-20-2014 Regular Board Meeting AUG-20-2014 Meeting Minutes
SEP-17-2014 Regular Board Meeting SEP-17-2014 Meeting Minutes
OCT-15-2014 Regular Board Meeting OCT-15-2014 Meeting Minutes
OCT-30-2014 Special Board Meeting OCT-30-2014 Meeting Minutes        
NOV-19-2014 Regular Board Meeting NOV-19-2014 Meeting Minutes
DEC-17-2014 Regular Board Meeting DEC-17-2014 Meeting Minutes
JAN-21-2015 Regular Board Meeting JAN-21-2015 Meeting Minutes
FEB-18-2015 Regular Board Meeting FEB-18-2015 Meeting Minutes
MAR-18-2015 Regular Board Meeting MAR-18-2015 Meetin Minutes
APR-15-2015 Regular Board Meeting APR-15-2015 Meeting Minutes
APR-29-2015 Election Results Meeting APR-29-2015 Election Meeting Minutes
APR-29-2015 Special Board Meeting APR-29-2015 Meeting Minutes
APR-29-2015 Technology Committee  
MAY-13-2015 Policy Committee  
MAY-14-2015 Committe of the Whole  
MAY-20-2015 Safety Committee Meeting  
MAY-20-2015 Board Orientation Meeting  
MAY-20-2015 Regular Board Meeting MAY-20-2015 Meeting Minutes
MAY-28-2015 Sports Co-op Committee  
JUN-1-2015 Special Board Meeting JUN-1-2015 Meeting Minutes
JUN-3-2015 Sports Co-op Committee  
JUN-24-2015 FY15 Budget Hearing JUN-24-2015 Budget Meeting Minutes
JUN-24-2015 Regular Board Meeting JUN-24-2015 Meeting Minutes


School Year 2013-2014

Agendas Minutes
JUL-17-2013 Regular Board Meeting JUL-17-2013 Meeting Minutes
AUG-21-2013 Regular Board Meeting AUG-21-2013 Meeting Minutes
SEP-18-2013 Regular Board Meeting SEP-18-2013 Meeting Minutes
OCT-2-2013 Special Meeting OCT-2-2013 Meeting Minutes
OCT-16-2013 Regular Board Meeting OCT-16-2013 Meeting Minutes
NOV-13-2013 Regular Board Meeting NOV-13-2013 Meeting Minutes
DEC-11-2013 Regular Board Meeting DEC-11-2013 Meeting Minutes
JAN-8-2014 Regular Board Meeting JAN-8-2014 Meeting Minutes
FEB-12-2014 Regular Board Meeting FEB-12-2014 Meeting Minutes
MAR-12-2014 Regular Board Meeting MAR-12-2014 Meeting Minutes
MAR-31-2014 Special Board Meeting  
APR-9-2014 Regular Board Meeting APR-9-2014 Meeting Minutes
MAY-14-2014 Regular Board Meeting MAY-14-2014 Meeting Minutes
JUN-25-2014 Regular Board Meeting JUN-25-2014 Meeting Minutes


School Year 2012-2013

Agendas Minutes
JUL-18-2012 Board Meeting JUL-18-2012 Meeting Minutes
AUG-15-2012 Board Meeting AUG-15-2012 Meeting Minutes
SEP-19-2012 Board Meeting SEP-19-2012 Meeting Minutes
OCT-3-2012 Special Board Meeting OCT-3-2012 Meeting Minutes
OCT-11-2012 Special Board Meeting OCT-11-2012 Meeting Minutes
OCT-24-2012 Board Meeting OCT-24-2012 Meeting Minutes
OCT-24-2012 Budget Meeting OCT-24-2012 Budget Minutes
NOV-28-2012 Board Meeting NOV-28-2012 Meeting Minutes
DEC-12-2012 Discipline Committee  
DEC-19-2012 Board Meeting DEC-19-2012 Meeting Minutes
JAN-16-2013 Board Meeting JAN-16-2013 Meeting Minutes
FEB-20-2013 Board Meeting FEB-20-2013 Meeting Minutes
MAR-20-2013 Board Meeting MAR-20-2013 Meeting Minutes
APR-17-2013 Board Meeting APR-17-2013 Meeting Minutes
APR-25-2013 Board Meeting APR-25-2013 Meeting Minutes
MAY-15-2013 Board Meeting MAY-15-2013 Meeting Minutes
JUN-26-2013 Board Meeting JUN-26-2013 Meeting Minutes

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